Wooden Carport Breme 5.7mx5.4m


Double Carpot is a great value for money. Now you can have a better access to your car at all the time, allowing to park outdoors while keeping it dry and having it as close at your home as possible for your convenience. A timber double carport allows you to cover your car, boat or anything else you wish to protect against humility, snow or sun.
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Wooden Carport Description:

Model: Double carport
Roof type: Flat Roof
Width: 5.7m
Depth: 5.4m
Entrance width: about 528 cm
Post Count: 6 Including the post holders
Post thickness: about 12 x 12 cm
Post material: Nordic Spruce
Post spacing: 223cm
Roof material: without roofing
Snow load max : 125 kg / sqm
Entrance Height: 220cm



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