Frequently Asked Questions

What Timber is used for your buildings?

All our cabins are made from Nordic Spruce, sourced from Scandinavia. This timber is slow grown and suits the UK climate.

How are Log Cabins measured?
Log cabin measurements are taken from the overall length of the logs (log-end’ to ‘log-end’) that make each wall, excluding any roof overhangs and cantilevered roof canopies. 

Do your cabins have Timber floors?

All our cabins come completed with 19mm timber floor.
28mm floor is an optional.

Are your Log Cabins Treated?

All of our Log cabins are plain timber and will need treating within two weeks of installation, the reason for this is because the logs are precision machined and could swell if treated too soon. Any swelling could prevent the logs from locking together properly. All of our timber bearers are treated though as these will not be accessible after the install has been completed.

Do I have to install the glass in the windows and doors?

All our windows and doors are pre-glazed and hung in the frames ready for installation.

Do you have an installation service?

Yes we do corporate with a self-employer team. We have built up a good team of fitters and they take great pride in what they do and are always happy to help.

How long does it take to order a Log Cabin?

Most of our Log cabins take 6-8 weeks for delivery.
Peak Season delivery is 10-16 weeks!

What kind of base do I need for my Log Cabin?

A good base ensures stability of the cabin, smooth assembly, longevity and a good look. A poor and improper base results in the reverse outcome and puts a great pressure on the whole cabin which will lead to a shorter life span and numerous other problems like gaping between the wall planks, poor overall appearance as well as problems with the functioning of doors and windows.

A flat, solid, level base is required and this can come in various forms, concrete pad, concrete plinths, paved base, timber framed base, breeze blocks, decking, and sleepers. The base ideally should be at least 2 inches above the existing ground level to deter damp.
The base need to be at least 100mm bigger than the cabin size.

Do your Log Cabins come in sections?

Log cabins are made from individual “logs” layered up on top of each other and interlocked at the corners, there is no framework in a log cabin – the internal face of a log cabin is the same as the external face.

The interlocking design of our log cabins means that they come in individual pieces – wall boards, floor boards, and roof boards – ready for immediate assembly. The maximum individual log length we produce is 5.9m long. So be prepared for some dual handling.

Do your Log Cabins come with roof coverings?

Our cabins are completed with 19mm tongue and groove roof boards, shingle tiles or felt roof or Torch on Felt.
EPDM roofing material will cost additional.

Do I need planning permission?

This will be dependent on your garden / site and the overall size of the log cabin / timber building involved. 

How long will my log cabin / timber building last?

That depends on whether you follow the care plan we give you when you purchase your timber building. If you treat the building every two to three years, then it could last a lifetime and beyond.
We cannot offer a guarantee for our buildings as a whole because it is a timber building relies on ongoing maintenance from our customers (regularly checking the integrity of the roofing material and re-painting as necessary), the long term stability of the bases that they are built on and also whether they have a damp proof membrane to protect against rising damp. However individual items have their own guarantees/warranties-
Standard cabin windows and doors – 1 year against mechanical failure (all hinges are easily adjustable and should be checked and lubricated within 1 month of installation and then annually thereafter, adjusting if required)

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